About us

Ferdi Winery – a passion that transcends craft and turns into art. This is how this winery was born, which, although relatively young, has deep roots in the desire to master the wine. Ferdi Winery represents the vision and concept of the owner and winemaker, Fernando Mihăilescu, who took on the challenge of creating wines in a personal style but according to the traditional method; later on, his son, Paul Mihăilescu, joined him in this bold endeavor.

A few years ago, we planted our first vines in the Tohani wine region. Our goal was to achieve excellence in wine production, following the idea that quality wine comes from the vineyard. As a result, after an attentive care for the vineyard, a selection on each individual vine and manual harvest, we acquire first-class grapes. Our winemaking concept is of a long-term perspective, taking into account that red wines are aged, from 1 to 2 years, in oak barrels.

Our « less is more » principle can be noticed starting with the slight intervention in the winemaking process, the wines expressing themselves the story of the terroir they come from, and ending with their names that are related to the affective memory of their maker. Ferdi Wines are special by their natural structure, complexity, acidity and elegance. Using the traditional winemaking method, the result is a range of balanced and refined wines.